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A Client first project management system.

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About ProofdWorx

What is ProofdWorx ?

ProofdWorx is a client first project management tool. It helps you to create projects, add tasks,track the updates,chat with other members, add clients, get client opinions and get paid for the job easily. With ProofdWorx you never have to worry about not getting paid for the work that you have done for a client.

ProofdWorx comes with full of delightful features!


Manage unlimited amount of clients. Add additional information for each client such as, contact person, email, and phone number.


Create projects that are connected to clients. Projects are displayed in an agile format and have special sections to store project based credentials.


Create an unlimited amount of tasks for any project. Push them across the scrum board and assign weights and priority per task.


Each task has a weight number, the bigger the weight the harder the task is to complete. This allows you to keep track on how big a project really is. Pretty handy stuff.

Project Sharing

Share your projects with multiples users and collaborate together on your projects.

Easy Payment

Get payments for your projects easily from clients.